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Want to build a WiFi Server that also has access to SD storage and a few interface pins beyond that for sensors and switches. I started with a Blackwidow and an SD breakout shield. With this configuration I can run EITHER the WiFi OR the SD storage but not the two together, conflicts in hardware interface pins and just not enough memory, SRAM goes down from 2K to about 70 bytes available and program memory from 32K down to a couple K left.

So... What's the best configuration for this application. I'm thinking a Mega Arduino but not sure about the WiFi and SD shields, I want shields that can coexist with each other without major Library surgery. The Ethernet shield with SD interface would be great but unfortunately no WiFi. Any recomendations based on my requirements?


If you need more ram buy an Mega board.

So from you will get enough pins to do all what you want.

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