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Apr 29, 2011, 06:10 pm Last Edit: Apr 29, 2011, 08:16 pm by tomswell Reason: 1
I'm a newbee running Arduino 0022 on a MAC OSX platform had trouble geting directory linkages correct;
this I have learned:

need to learn to spell Arduino correctly and accurately

if you have Arduino folders in more than one location your likely to get confused ....

The "built-in" libraries are located in the Arduino App Bundle.

I set the Sketchbook location preferences to >  /Users/tws/Documents/Ardurino/libraries
but placed downloaded library in >  /Users/tws/Applications/Arduino/libraries

When I place  UN-Zipped Protothread which yielded (PT 1.4) folder {I renamed Protothread} in sketchbook library location
 I'm getting more than example sketches show.

Example sketches imply
#include <pt.h>

When I import I end up with

#include <lc-addrlabels.h>
#include <lc-switch.h>
#include <lc.h>
#include <pt-sem.h>
#include <pt.h>

Questions :

Can a library folder be named anything one wants.

Do I need to include other than <pt.h> ?

Is protothreading overkill when all i want to do is run a simple a digital sensor loop that triggers a quick servo action when actuated AND every minute or so break long enough to blink (count) number of times, representing a the number of triggered actions ... likely less than 20.
count() is set to zero at start-up


Is protothread overkill

Very much so. Let's see if I can type this before someone else says it: look at the blink without delay tutorial  ;)


thanks for comment .... I'm just begining to figure out patterns :  classes , functions , nesting of events , _local variables, naming conventions ... who gets declared where. It's a bit much to take in all at once.
I'll play with blink with delay

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