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hi everybody

am trying to hook my arduino (controlled by a potentiometer, you know the motorknob thing...)
to a mercury 42byg011-25 steppermotor, using a lm324n

can anyone please post the scemantics for that cus I cant seem to make it work and I doubt if
my wiring is right!




An LM324 is not the right tool for the job. Stepper motors need "CURRENT" and an LM324 can only provide "current". You need a motor driver (see our Rugged Motor Driver or one of the many other Arduino motor drivers out there).

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are there also shields that can handle lets say.... 10 steppermotors?

or 15?


Not that I know of. That's a lot of connections, and a lot of inputs too. To handle 10 stepper motors, assuming a simple step/direction interface for each one (never mind an enable pin for PWM control), you'd need 20 inputs (unless you did something serially using SPI or I2C). Well, 20 inputs is the entire set of I/O's for an Arduino.

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