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Hey guys...

I'm a total newbie here.  Thanks for the help.

I want to be able to control an led strip so that it has unique color assigned to individual lights that changes at a specific time increment. 

Think of it like a matrix with that was 30x1.... the thing is I don't want it to display chasing.... I would want all 30 (or however many) leds to change based on time.

If this makes any sense, I would love some direction in to which types of strips this would work for... as well as how I would go about programming this? 


-Peter Sid


I would love some direction in to which types of strips this would work for

The sort of strip that has individually-addressable LEDs.

Could you be more specific?
I don't know too many strips that aren't commoned.
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Do you just want all the LED's in the strip to have the same color and then change to another color at a given time ?

That would be quite easy.



Thanks guys...

Dave I think this is what I was looking for...  I'm going to start digging into that.

Mikmo...   I want each led to be different colors based on an animation.

Thanks again!!!




that as well.

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