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I am trying to plan out my first Arduino project, but I need some help starting.
I want to add a motion detector to my staircase that activates a series of LEDs.  I am planning on using this: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8630
I am planning on having the LEDs activate one after the other, then slowly fade away. 
I have a few specific questions for this project.

1. What would be the best way to have the Arduino in one spot? (with the LEDs at distances away, not connected directly to the breadboard)

2. Is there a way to have the Arduino only draw power at certain times during the day? (night time, specifically)

3. Would I use PWM for each LED, or is there a way to tell it to go to the next LED?

4. Which Arduino would you recommend for this project?


- Jack



How complex are you thinking this will be?? 

Will the system "know" the direction of the traveller?  (Implies two detectors)..

Will the LEDs then behave differently?

Does the fade-out of the LEDs HAVE to overlap? (More complex programming).. 

Do you want to sense the traveller before they are actually IN the stairway?

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I think this can be done, and can be very cool, but it's not trivial...


I think it should havt two detectors, however instead of having the LEDs turn on one at a time, they would all turn on at the same time.

No I don't want to sense the person before (the position of that would be a high traffic area).

I have a dog, and I don't mind if they set it off.


OK, the good thing is you can get this to basically work and then keep upgrading how the LEDs light or fade, whatever..

If you don't want to have the LED's fade up and down differently depending on the direction of travel, maybe you can find a location where you can aim the detector so that it sees people at both ends of the stairs.

OH. Unless they have a corner or two in them  :)

If you get into this deeper look at the "Blink Without Delay" example... you need to get along without  delay(xxx). 


Thank you for your comments,
I think I will end up buying two PIRs, one at each end of the stairs (yes, there is a corner or two in them :/ )

The PIRs will be create the same signal, so the LEDs will al light up simultaneously, then slowly fade away.

And I think I will have 6-10 individual LEDs.  Does anyone know which Arduino I should get for this project?

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