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I am interested in getting some wireless networks working for remotely controlling a robot w/ arduino from another arduino. Before you say Xbees, I have a mac and therefore can't config them.

I'm not really interested in extreme speed, but I want something that is cheap and easy to use. Any suggestions?


Well, the vast majority of xBee configuration can be done with just a terminal program, so you can do almost everything you'd need on a Mac.  Only thing you need a PC for is to install the firmware onto the xBee in the 1st place, so if you can occasionally borrow a friend's PC, you should be ok.

That being said, here's a good summary of what's out there:



But Xbees will be overkill. Some of them have a freakin' 1 MILE range! I'm talking about ~20ft maximum. Do the General TX/RX (from sparkfun, cheap) work well if I use the virtual wire library?



Do the General TX/RX (from sparkfun, cheap)

If you mean the ones I think you mean, I don't think they can do what I think you think they can.

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