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I have a DFRduino Motor Drive Shield to mount on my Arduino Mega 2560 (http://www.droboticsonline.com/index.php/arduino-motor-drive-shield.html) and i need to drive a 12V DC motor (http://export.rsdelivers.com/product/philips/9904-120-55606/hd-nylon-geared-dc-motor-12v-60rpm/0440082.aspx)

Will my Arduino only supply 5V to the shield and hence the motor will have to run on 5V as well? Is there a way to input additional voltage to the Motor Shield to drive my motor?



According to that link you posted:-
This DFRduino Arduino motor drive shield allows an Arduino Duemilanove or Arduino Mega to drive two channel 7-12V DC motors. It uses a L293B chip which deliveries the output current up to 1A.

So why are you asking the question?

However the link is very poor on details but it sounds like it uses the Vin voltage to power the motor. That is the voltage you get when powering it from an external power supply through the jack.

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