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Hi,Guys i am doing a project in which the fact that " :~ How fast i can turn a pixel in a TFT or Active Matrix display on/off" matters a lot. I opened up a TFT module spec sheet but got lost. I would highly appreciate your help.


By fast i mean fastest possible.  :D :smiley-eek:

Does it have a relation with total pixels in a TFT and contrast or brightness etc.

Ok, i think no body knows the answer. I just found out from another forum that the thing i am looking for is Tr+Tf i.e. the response time of each pixel. The best we have in TFTT LCd's is still in milliseconds. However, i was looking for something in microseconds. The DLP projectors can do that; however, one has to do it via FPGA.


Remenber that you must sent commands and data information to the lcd, and that takes some time

I agree. but it takes far less time than milliseconds. I think its in microseconds.


How fast can you read?
It depends, if its an 24bits TFT with an 8bits interface it can be pretty lengthy

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