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I have an Arduino Mega2560 commanding three motor controllers (7 motors total) via serial connection. The code utilizes the NewSoftSerial (v11) library and creates three SoftSerial objects - one for each controller. Each motor controller has a serial in and serial out connection, for a total of 6 wires.  I would like to reduce the number of wires in the cable running to the device.

Because I am utilizing a PlayStation2 controller for input, the Mega needs to be near the operator in the control box, while the device might be 16 m / 50 feet away from the operator.

Is it feasible to have two Arduinos? One in the control box sending the necessary commands on one pair and and Arduino on the device listening and decide which motor controller to command? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Is 50-60 feet too long a run for serial communication over 24AWG solid wire?



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