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hi all

in order to make my arduino work with a steppermotor and a potentiometer I made a scematic wit fritzing.
I hooked up my motor with this (see attachment)

now I want to control de motor with the potentiometer but the motorknob sketch (wich I uploaded to my arduino)
is based on 4 wires from arduino to motor while the fritzing scematic onlyy has 2...

do i need to adjust my arduinosketch? and what should I adjust?

by the way, my motor is:

mercvry motor sm-42byg011-25

and I am using a sn754410ne

could use some help...

thanks in advance!!



to make things clearer:

if I wire my stepper like on the image in the attachment

do I need to adjust the motorknob/stepper sketch? and how?


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