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I am looking for the ability to control an axle with 2 electric motors either side of it. I have a servo to rotate it, however I am not sure how to mechanically link the 2, I would imagine the servo would have a pinion gear put on it that would drive a pinion gear on the axle, but does anyone know where to get axles with pinion gears already mounted on them?


Go on give us a clue as to what you are doing?

Servos do not normally rotate more than 360 degrees, those that do are not servos.


I am building an airship similar to Blimpduino. I am aware most servo's only rotate 180 degrees however I was going to get around this by using a 2:1 pinion gear ratio (same way Blimpduino gets around it).

What I don't have is an axle that has a pinion gear on it that I can turn, in Blimpduino they use a Lego axle but I can't do that in mine because I have heavier motors and a greater length axle.

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