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Apologies in advance if the answer is already here (somewhere) having searched the galaxy.

Before I part with cash for an Arduino mega r3 - which has all the ports I need in the configuration I need i.e. ports that are 8 bits wide, can anyone who has an r3 categorically confirm that you can write to all 8 bits in one go with a statements like:

// in the setup section

// setup direction
DDRL = B11111111;   Hopefull this means set ALL PORTL to outputs

And in the loop section

PORTL = B11111111 // set all PORTL pins HIGH or instead use 0xFF in place of the B and 1's
PORTL = B00000000 // set all PORTL pins LOW or use 0x00 in place of the B and 0's

Only asking because in my quest to find the answer - some are saying this doesn't work on PORTL and K not to mention F

And therefore not point in wasting my money.


If money is an issue, then why not use a $0.20 74HC595 serial to 8-bit parallel shift register.


some are saying this doesn't work on PORTL and K not to mention F
Where you hear that?
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All of ports F, K, and L are  brought out to Mega header pins.

Direct port manipulation of all pins are thus possible.
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Thanks to all who responded.

I have had it confirmed that you can manipulate the ports mentioned directly.

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