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Today i did wiring work from solenoid valves to microcontroller. ... lets see whats happen... I know the wiring is not organized so dont point  ]:D

*Points at wiring*


This is first test of graphical waterfall consist 40 solenoid valves. All the things working fine but the graphics are hardly visible due to:
1- I have long tubing downstream the solenoids...If small metallic nozzles directly connected to the solenoid i would have got good results.
2- The Height of the solenoid. The solenoid are installed at about 8feet height, i think to see the graphical effect it must be 20 feet or above.

Any comments to improve will be highly appreciated:



Maybe some food coloring in the water would help the visuals better?



Yes or ink and maybe a strong uv light as well. I want this project to work i might have a go myself i think it needs more hight as well, you might have to take it out side.


Awesome project!!!  :D
Yeah, some dark food color would definitely help and maybe some white sheet as background.

Can't wait to see more.

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