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Dear all

First of all, many thanks for the great TMRpcm library. It works on 8-bit very well on Arduino UNO!

I also tried the 16-bit advanced sample from git to play 16bit Mono (using a 1:256 resistor ladder) but unfortunately, the sound is heavily "clipped" - it sound like overamplified (on the upper 8 bits output I get "noise" as supposed). I tried different sampling rates (12~32kHz), but no success.

Was anyone successfull with 16-bit Mono samples on Arduino UNO using latest TMRpcm library?


Have you checked out the advanced features page where he mentions 16-bit and clipping/too much volume..etc?


Might give you some things to try?

I'm curious as to if this library can play a seamless/gapless loop?

Or if you get the same results like using the Adafruit Waveshield?  (seems to close/re-open the file on each loop/cycle, instead of just going/seeking to the beginning of the file..

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