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My current project requires me to use two Xbees to set up wireless communications. I understand that for the Xbees to be configured, they need to be connected to a computer. Because I have an Arduino Uno (R3), I though I would use it to set up serial communications, as opposed to buying a separate adapter. To do this I connected the Tx Arduino pin to the Dout Xbee pin, and the Rx Arduino pin to the Din Xbee pin. I then connected the 5v from my Arduino to the 5v on my regulated Xbee explorer and the grounds together. The last thing i did was connect the ground on the Arduino to the Arduino reset pin. I then connected the Arduino to the computer, and opened up the X-CTU software. When I go to locate the Xbee, all that appears is the Arduino Uno on COM port 7, and it fails to establish a link with the Xbee, even after navigating through the setup process.

I am using an Xbee S2 and the following regulated explorer: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11373.
Why does my Xbee fail to register with the computer and how can I fix the problem?

Help much appreciated.


Why does my Xbee fail to register with the computer

X-CTU sends data to the serial port. The Arduino is connect to the serial port, and fails to provide the correct response.

and how can I fix the problem?

What you need to do is remove the ATMega328 chip from the board while you use the board as a replacement for the adapter you are too cheap to buy.  8)

Buying the adapter will save you all kinds of grief. Do it.

Coding Badly

@New-Kid, stop cross-posting.  Duplicates removed.  Replies go here.


Sorry about the cross posting issue.

Back on topic. So connecting the ground and reset pins on the Arduino doesn't bypass the processor?


I have the same problem. Also, I bought an adapter and it works very well. But since there are so many tutorials on how to connect an XBee on an Xbee regulated with the arduino, it should work in this case. I made connections from my XBee Explorer Regulated to my ardunino:

5V -> 5V
IN -> RX

Also, I connected the Reset with GND on my Arduino to avoid removing the chip. Now, with these connections made when I run X-CTU I always get an error saying Unable to talk with the XBee. Also, I tried to reset the XBee as suggested in many tutorials, but still doesn't work.

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