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Am working on project depend on displaying data on internet, and so far I managed to set up Ardinuo Webserver, and got data on broswer nice and nice as table, but the challenge is how to get this data shown as GRAPH.?

Did any one has get data displyed using WEB CLIENT.??

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If you are getting data from the Arduino to the browser, it's up to the browser to display the data in the way that you want.
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thanks, yes i got the data on broswer, but how to render the data as GRAPH.??  this is the point..


Normally the webserver prepares an image to be embedded in the HTML page. The arduino has the raw data to display, but I think it has far to little resources (30K) to create a usefull image of the data. The only way it might be done is creating some kind of vectormap liek svg as for graphs these are smaller than jpg's.

imho a far easier way to create graphs is to install a webserver on an old PC e.g. http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html, that fetches the raw data from the Arduino and creates a graph's from the data. If you consider using an old PC it may be simpler to use that PC as a log server and let the arduino send all the raw data to that server. A php script can make a csv file from your raw data. Another php script can make graphs from csv files e.g. http://pchart.sourceforge.net/documentation.php?topic=exemple1

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Have a look at google charts.
Service available for free and you dont need your own webserver.
Google do all the processing for you.
Ive used it myself on a project.

Build a link to an image into your webpage served up by the arduino.
You pass the data points and info on how you want the graph to look.
The api will return an image of your graph built from the url.

For example:
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thanks, yes i got the data on broswer, but how to render the data as GRAPH.??  this is the point..

You probably need to google something like "html graphs" to see what is available. You probably will need to incorporate javascript or java applets.
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how to get this data shown as GRAPH.

What kind of data and how many values do you want to display on the graph?

I think the Google Charts is a good and easy tool to display data on a chart.

If you have a lot of values (20 or more) I suggest that you send the data over a ethernet shield to a web database (i.e. MySQL). With an additional webscript you can read the data from the database an display it on a website on a internet site or in your intranet.


Thank you, robtillaart, GordonEndersby, zoomkat, Webmeister for your great contribution to this thread.!  ;)

Until now the idea of using google chart is most ideal, if I got real time Graphing, which I think it could possibly work with POST but not with GET.

Any more Ideas welcome.

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