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Love the version 3 single sided Arduino, and also love all the barebones units that are perfect for using in actual final builds, but what im looking for is a single sided barebones with shield compatible footprint so I can used my proto shields and off the shelf ones in final builds without committing a full Arduino.

Like this unit


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Have look at he minimalduino from salsaman:




Thanks wortelsoft, yeah that's precisely the goal of "minimalduino"-- a bare bones, mostly single-sided board that is shield-friendly.  Install everything or just the ATmega and its cap and reset resistor, whatever you need.  Also 5V/3.3V switchable if you want it to be.

I just uploaded version 107 with fatter traces, easier for home etching.  It's in a shared Google docs folder with a 600dpi jpeg of an etch-ready pattern; here's a small version:

The jumper across the ATmega is annoying, but it's not tough to solder an insulated jumper across the bottom or a non-insulated jumper under the IC socket on top (but it may make the socket sit funny on the board).
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"may sit funny"
Instead of a full 28 pin socket get some header strips  and install as 2 pieces of 7 each and leave a gap to drop the wire across.
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I use those strips all the time for making sockets. Might be a little more expensive (alltought I got them quit cheap), but I don't need a whole bunch of different sockets.

@salsaman: I really like your design, really handy for making cheap arduino's

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