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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to connect an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield to my internal network through a Sitecom network switch and it's not sending any packet to the network.

When I connect the shield directly to the source cable it connects fine and I also have other Arduinos using similar code connected to other switches working fine.

If this is a switch problem how can I modify the Arduino code in order to get it working independently of the switch used?



Unless there's something very unusual about a Sitecom switch (never heard of them), it should just work. Are you using a known good cable? Is the port you're connecting to also known to work? I also don't honestly know if the shield is 10 Mb only, or if it will connect to 100 Mb Ethernet, but if your switch is a managed switch, the port settings might be set to something incompatible.

Jack Christensen

Mine are hooked to a D-Link DES-1105 switch, which in turn is hooked to a router, and indeed they just work, as they do if connected directly to the router.  It looks like they connect at 100Mbps.

I'd try plugging a PC into the switch to see if that works.
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The switch is working fine as I have two PC's connected to it. When I connect the same Arduino to other switches it communicates almost instantly...

The switch I'm using is a Sitecom LN-118v1 5-Port Network Switch (http://www.sitecom.com/network-switch-5-port/p/681).

I can't see in the switch specs any reason why the Arduino is not working with it, am I missing something here?


You wouldn't have more than one Arduino with the same MAC address connected to your switch?
Or a MAC address that happens to be magic (low bit in first byte set?)

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