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ok - from AVR studio I can access (read and wirte flash, the fuses too) the mega 328 chip sitting on an breadboard using an external ISP programmer.
After verifying this I want flash my  sketches from ARDUINO IDE using the upload button. Changed upload.using bootloader to avrisp following the instructions in
I end up with:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error: expect 0x41: resp=0x51

What do I have to change and where?


BTW: where do I find the .hex files of the sketches? If all went wrong I could burn the chips via Studio. But still hoping there is a direct way from within Aduino IDE.


Hi - What type of programmer are you using?

for example I have an usbtinyisp (clone) and in my sketches folder, I have a hardware folder with my 'other' chips I use :

attiny45usbtinyisp.name=ATtiny45 1Mhz (w/ USB Tiny ISP)

in boards.txt in a folder called 'Tiny45_85'

as an example - I have 45s, 85s and more. Even got a few 13s left.

So it's quite easy to setup

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Hi Drew,
I'm using a STK500 clon which works fine in AVR studio and BASCOM enviroment - full stop! As mentioned in my first posting I changed upload.using bootloader to avrisp following the instructions in http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Programmer

Now learned how to switch Arduino to verbose mode I see avrdude use the right port and stk500v1 programmer but can't get in sync after setting dtr and sending some characters  :~  :~  :~

Again: the STK c.one works fine in AVR studio and BASCOM enviroment

Thank you for any hint


Just an other topic: did you manage ATiny 2013 in Arduino? Great! Let me know how


Are you sure the rest of your board is not intering with the SPI pins used for programming?
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