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I'm a newbie to Arduino, but everyday learn a bit more.  Questions: Is there an official Arduino WiFi Shield available? Is Arduino WiFi considered beta and not fully debugged? I see CuteDigi has their own. Also, can code used in Ethernet Shield sketches be adapted to a WiFi Shield project?


s there an official Arduino WiFi Shield available?

Did you see one here? http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Hardware I didn't.

Is Arduino WiFi considered beta


Also, can code used in Ethernet Shield sketches be adapted to a WiFi Shield project?

Certainly some of it can. Of course, ethernet shields and WiFi shields are two different things, so not all code will be the same. Blinking an LED will be the same. Getting a file from a server will not.
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We are Olimex Chile and we are offering a Arduino WiFi Shield (http://www.olimex.cl/product_info.php?currency=USD&cPath=76_78&products_id=768), working with WIZ610 module from WizNet.
Also we have a sketch posting on Twitter!



As PaulS pointed out, not officially. But thanks to the wonders of the Open Source Hardware Movement, others have:

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Eduard -- would your WiFi shield be easy enough for a newbie who unfortunately only speaks English to setup and use?
If so, I'm ordering one -- that's a fantastic price! :)


I may be wrong, but it appears the link is to the shield only.  You have to purchase the wireless radio module seperately for an additional ~45USD, so around $78 total.



I was hunting down wifi options as well and put together a list of current available options that you might find helpful in making a decision:


Hi there, the WiFi shields are good only if you simply want to connect your electronics to the Lan. I'm using Flyport module (openPicus open source project, also italian) that provides a real embedded Webserver with WiFi. Jquery is also supported and I've to say the performance is very good.
I just say these days they made also an Arduino like socket to connect the Flyport module to the Arduino shields.
The only minus is the IDE only for Windows....but I can survive


Probably the cheapest way is to hack a wireless router.

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