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Hello all,
I am just getting into the ARDUINO world and have a quick (Hopefully) questions. For my first ARDUINO project I want to make a bank of switched outlets which I can keep track of the power used.

I am going to use ACS756SCA-100B-PFF-T to detect the current of each outlet. (Unless someone has a better option).

My question is, can anyone suggest a reliable relay. I have been looking for 5v 40ma or under relay that can switch 110v + and at least 6A. There seems to be a lot of choices, or a lot that don't match what I want exactly. There are going to be about 10 outlets (No I don't plan to load all the outlets with 6A all the time),  so I am hoping to keep the relay around $3. But if I have to go over for a better quality relay, I am good with that too.

Thank you for any suggestions


Digi-Key has over a dozen choices starting below $5 and going up to almost $16.  All can switch 6A (or more) amps of 250VAC (or more) with a 5V 40mA coil.  Use the parts search.

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Thank you for your reply Johnwasser,
I have done searches on Digikey and components.arrow. "There seems to be a lot of choices" I was looking to see if people have suggestions or favorites on brands and/or types. "can anyone suggest a reliable relay"


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