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hello. 1 year deep in basic electrical circuits. i could use some help with this:

as per this instructable...http://www.instructables.com/id/Wii-Remote-IR-Camera-Hack/step4/Attach-it-all-to-the-Arduino/

the IR camera from a Wiimote requires 3.3v to operate, while arduino outputs 5v.
it recommends a voltage regulator. could i not just use a voltage divider instead? if not, why?

i built this, and it works fine but it would be a couple dollars cheaper to use a voltage divider.


could i not just use a voltage divider instead? if not, why?

A voltage divider would need to be carefully optimized to take into account the actual current required by the camera, and would not "regulate" if that load changed.


woop bay area...i'm at mission dolores school right now. nice day we're having, isn't it??

well it sounds like the regulator would work best, and since i already have it and all...i might as well.
thanks. now, to order the i2c chip and some other stuff. too bad it can't all be had from jameco...i'll have to wait for digi-key. bummer. at least i'm finally ordering myself an honest to god soldering station so i can stop using this crummy radioshack garbage

thanks for your help.

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