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There's an official Arduino ethernet shield but there's no official Arduino wifi shield. The ethernet shield has been around for a while and there's lots of code to support it.

I find four five different wifi shields, each of which uses a different wifi chip. They're fairly expensive ($60-$90). At this point I'm inclined to use a wifi/ethernet bridge.

Does anyone have experience - positive or negative - with any of these?

Are there any I missed?

  • Wifly - Sparkfun - people seem to have a hard time getting it to work
    Chip: Roving Networks RN-131C - http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wireless/WiFi/rn-131-ds.pdf

  • WiShield - Asynch Labs - Out of business
    Chip: ZG2100M - http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?dDocName=en547511

  • DFRobot Arduino Wifi Shield - I don't find anyone actually using it, but it does use a WizNet chip like the official ethernet shield.
    Chip: WIZ610WI http://www.wiznet.co.kr/Sub_Modules/en/product/Product_Detail.asp?cate1=5&cate2=43&cate3=0&pid=1020
    "The Wifi shield may not be compatible with few 802.11n routers"

  • RedFly-Shield - WiFi/WLAN - US dealer?
    Chip: Redpine Signals RS9110 - http://www.redpinesignals.com/Products/Chipsets/RS9110.html

  • Ethernet Shield with Bridge
    For example: NETGEAR WNCE2001 Universal WiFi Internet Adapter

6 May 2011 update: Here's another, via tastewar:

  • LinkSprite CuHead WiFi Shield for Arduino
    Chip: Microchip ZG2100G or ZG2100M


I've used a router with DD-WRT and interfaced to the serial lines to do stuff with the linux console to access a WIFI network before.


I bought 2 WiShields before Asynclabs went out of business.
It is a shame no one bought there schematics/plans & stuff and kept on selling it.

They work great for connecting to my wireless internet router at home.
I've never had any issues with the WiShield other than my bad coding.


The LinkSprite CuHead is supposedly a clone of the AsyncLabs WiShield. I have one, but haven't tried it yet.


I've had stability problems with my WiShields.  Every so often, while listening to a UDP socket
the file descriptor would just turn zero for no apparent reason.  Naturally, this lost my socket
and had to be restarted (code wasn't smart enuf to reopen the socket).

I wonder if the LinkSprite firmware will work on a WiShield given that they say the CuHead
(CopperHead) is compatible.



Great post. Thank you!

While this post is a little old, I assume it is still a good reference for the wireless options.

BTW, can anyone provide an update with successful WiFi projects and the WiFi HW used. For example, Has anyone used WiFi Redback http://www.cutedigi.com/wireless/wifi/wifi-redback-1-0-arduino-yellowjacket-compatible.html?



There are more options:

Diysandbox.com Hydrogen WiFi shield and Platinum, which is a Arduino Mini with integrated WiFi.


Also, the Bridge solution is not limited To use only the slow Wiznet W5100 based Ethernet Shield.
You can use either one of the W5200 based Ethernet shields, or if you'd like something small you can go with an embedded Ethenet module like the WIZ820io ($20 here in the US) with is also based on the W5200 chip.
Then as another port suggested you can get a pocket router that runs DD-Wrt, which is an embedded router Linux. For example the TP link TL WR703n is a very good choice as it can be USB powered.



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