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Hi Folks, my first time on your forum.I have a relatively easy question re - downloading Arduino 0022 software. Is it really 85.5 MBs ? I am on dial up so the estimated time to down load is 5.5 Hrs. I have tried a few times and managed 2.5 Hrs before, again, it crashes, i.e. am informed " invalid or corrupted ". I am thinking of down loading on my mates computer ( him on Broadband ) then copying and transfering to my computer, would this be feasable ? Any other idears? Thanks Chez7.

James C4S

I am thinking of down loading on my mates computer ( him on Broadband ) then copying and transfering to my computer,

Sounds like this may be your only option.  You might also want to download the latest Java update for whatever platform you are running, in case you need that as well.
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Thanks James for advice, Chez7.


Been there had the same issues.

Which part of NZ are you in?

Here in Canterbury the library has free wireless and broadband, but you have to pick a time when the schoolkids aren't on.
Failing that your supplier may be able to help out, with the latest on a disk, for the cost of the disk.

re Java. The arduino uses the one that comes with it, so I wouldn't panic.
The download is a zip file, which you expand, and simply copy the directories onto the computer or a memory stick, which you can run from there.



Hi MarkB, Thanks for the advice, am in the Waikato area, being retired I can avoid the school kid rush at the library, we have the same free service, will try my luck Monday. Cheers, Chez7.



If you have no luck, send me an email at m(dot)beckett(@)amuri(dot)net
You can work out what to replace, and yes there is no nz at the end.

I can put it on a CD for you, along with a pile of other stuff.



The Windows version has a lot of other stuff in it, 0022 for Linux comes to a princely 3.5Mb...... 


I always felt Windows was on the portly side.

The distribution includes Java 42Mb and AVR 40MB so there the bulk of the zip file.

We struggled with dialup for years, then found a cheap wireless provider, and now stuggle to stay within 5GB a month.
Chez should be okay at the library, its just when he wants to go searching the web and the forum he'll be drinking lots of coffee.



Problem Solved !!! Thanks guys for all your help and information, now the fun begins, now Im up and running, You wont have heard the last of me. Out of curiosity does Arduino have a "wait" command ?


Delay( x) in mS

check the examples as there are some other methods to use as well.

if you look under help, reference it looks at the one in the local drive (ie not on the web).



Thanks Mark for the suggestion, but that is not quite what I am looking for. I will post a new topic with exactly what I am trying to achieve,it will be headed, " Does Arduino have a WAIT or HOLD command."
   Cheers Chez7.

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