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Was wondering if there's any news on using the Uno as an ISP. I have a fried Arduino Uno board, a working Arduino Uno board with fried ATmega, and a fully working Arduino Uno. Thought I could use my working one with the ISP example program to burn the bootloader on these 5 empty ATmegas I have here, but noticed the page here: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP says "NOTE: Currently, you cannot use an Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer because the optiboot bootloader does not support this sketch. A revision for this is in progress."

Is this still true? Any news on the revision?


I've since found some web pages that say it can be done, although they didn't work for me. None I read were very clear though, but I installed avrdude and tried some commandline scripts from a sparkfun webpage.

Help! I'm doomed!  =(

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you cannot use an Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer ... Is this still true?

No, it is not true.  The instructions are the same except that "step 1.5" is missing...


I believe a capacitor (instead of a 120 ohm resistor) works to disable auto-reset.  I can't remember what value capacitor or how it is connected.  I suggest searching the forum for details.


Ah, brilliant! You've just saved me a lot of trouble. :)

I assume it's the auto reset on the programming board you do this to (connected to the computer with the ISP firmware on), rather than the board to be programmed (with the blank ATmega)?

Someone with sufficient editing privileges should add this to the Arduino ISP page.


Woo-hoo it works!  8)

Thanks for the help (and yes, it's the reset on the programmer, rather than to-be-programmed arduino).

I used a 28-pin chip holder with the pin1 leg cut off for reset disable.

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