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I'm trying to get a Xavitech p200 pump to work with my arduino uno.

I'm not sure i have it hooked up right:

i've hooked IOR on the pump to TX on the arduino
IOR to RX on the arduino
vcc to 12V and ground to ground

I pretty much lost, i've tried sending
<0> <0> <0> <0> <1> <126> <129> <232> <3> <235> by Serial.print
also sending each number as a byte using serial.write

no luck yet, any suggestions?

Thank you internets!


any suggestions?

Just the usual one made to anyone who says "my code doesn't work" but doesn't post the code.

Post it or forget it.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Lots of "why it doesn't work" issues covered in...


... guide to happy Arduino serial work.

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