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I recently got my Arduino Duemilanova and VRBot and followed the directions to program Speaker Dependant groups into it, which I connected using the Arduino example code downloaded from the website. 

I altered the code to try and have it listen for said Speaker Dependant words and turn an LED on for word 0, and off for word 1.

I commented out code in the SD_Recognition function that listens for a trigger word first, as I want it to constantly listen for the specific Speaker Dependant words.  I also commented out the SI_Recognition in the main loop, because I wont be using any of them.

Receive pin is 12, transmit is 13, I have an LED with the short lead on ground, and the long lead attached to a 1k Ohm resistor, then plugged into 9.  I tested it with the example blink code and the LED functioned fine on that pin.  I also bridged pins 2 and 4, as per the guide.

I have attached my code and if anyone who has experience with this can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been programming since I was 10(18 years), but micro controllers are fairly new to me.

Once I get this working the eventual goal is to have a servo unlock a box on word 0, and lock it again on word 1.  One step at a time though, gotta get this part working :)


I tried some other things, no luck so far.  Anyone got an idea?

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