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I have the impression (no data) that it is slower when the "US is awake" possibly because there are more users logged in ?

When I get to work in the morning (2AM Pacific Standard Time), the forum is much faster than later in the day. Around 8, it gets really slow. About 2 PM, when I get home, it is much faster again. So, yeah, I'd agree that the US is to blame.

Nick Gammon

That may be the case, but cannot the hardware be "sized" to handle the load? For the forum to take many seconds to process posts, when the USA is "awake" doesn't seem satisfactory to me (even though I am not living there, I am still affected by it).

And if the number of users doubles every year, surely things will only get worse, much worse? Now is the time to take action. Whether that action is improved hardware (server) or better forum software.


Now is the time to take action. Whether that action is improved hardware (server) or better forum software.

I agree. It took >5 seconds to load up the page displayed when I click "Reply to post" or whatever it says. Loading the actual forum takes in excess of 10 seconds. My ISP is incredibly slow, but still not enough to cause the observed effects. To keep the forum usable in the future, it would make full sense to upgrade...
On the other hand, upgrading would most likely be a time consuming and expensive matter. More time and money spent upgrading the forum is less to be spent developing cool new boards and software. It's all a balancing act.
Add to the fact that the nef forum looks good, as I'm sure others will agree, and we have a hard decision. Usability vs. cost & time.

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The forums, in fact the entire site, has been getting slower and slower over time.  During the day it's slow for me, to the point where I start getting timeouts.  In the evenings it tends to clear up a bit but by 1-2am (mountain time), it completely falls off of the planet.  Can't reach it, doesn't respond, nothing.  I don't know how long that lasts because I usually go to bed around that time and don't check back for another 7-10 hours later.

Couple of things to keep in mind though.  It may not all be the web server's fault.  When it comes to the forums, there's also an SQL server serving data.  If that gets bogged down, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  In my experience running web sites, forums, blog, whatever over the last 16 years is to make sure all your failure points are covered.  I do see messages where SMF can't communicate with the SQL server.  I don't know if they have both on the same physical machine, or if things are split into multiple machines.

Personally, I'd start looking at the SQL logs, and start capturing queries that take forever to run and deal with that.  If both the web and SQL are being served from the same machine, split them up.  Lastly, check that the physical machine(s) can still handle the load (and it doesn't seem like they can anymore.)

It's a shame for something so popular to suffer like this.

Nick Gammon

To be honest, it is getting to the point where I don't open threads that don't have an "interesting" title, because I don't want to waste the 30 seconds the page takes to load (and repeat for a whole lot of other pages). And then when I type a reply, it takes another 20 seconds for the reply to appear. It's getting unworkable.

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