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Hi guys,

Got to the point where I need a half decent soldering iron.

Anyone got any recomendations. Don't mind spending £50 ($75) on one. More if its a really good one



Maplin do a fairly decent temperature-controlled one.
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I use an inexpensive 15 watt pencil tip iron as most electronic parts now days are small.
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I use a 17 watt antex iron. It is fantastic quality, and lots of shops sell replacement tips, so they are easy to obtain if someting happens.
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I second the Maplin soldering irons recommendation. I have this one and am very pleased with it. Bought it on offer for < £30.




Went to maplins today and got one!

They had none of the £70 LCD ones in so I went for the £40 60w Iron. (the black one, i would link but the maplin site is down for me?)

Very pleased so far but the tip it came with was a bad shape. If you go for it get the spare set of tips and use the chisel shape.

Very nice bit of kit for the money

Thanks guys.

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