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Anybody have suggestions for MOSFET transistors that work with the 5V from an Arduino? I'm looking for something from DigiKey or Mouser.

I read that part# FQP50N06L from Fairchild was 'logic-level', but I am new to datasheets, and I'm not sure what to look for.

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You found the magic phrase, which is indeed "logic level". The key is to find a guaranteed value for Rds(on) when the gate voltage is 4.5V. For example, the NDP6060L:


When searching at Digi-Key our Mouser use search options that limit the search to those MOSFET's which have guaranteed Rds(on) values at 4.5V and you should be finding all the logic-level MOSFET's.

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If you're driving lots of current, make sure you get a part with low Rds also, like down in the 8-10ohm (0.010 , 0.008) range. The lower you get, the cooler it will run.
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I've had good experience (a single project) with RFP30N06LE (coincidentally bought at Sparkfun)


Can anyone recommend a good small LL FET? Say in a SOT23 package, 200mA or thereabouts. I seem to be having all sorts of trouble finding one.

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How about a 2N7002? It's only <100mA but it's super-cheap. Otherwise, the IRLML2402 is a good choice: Rds(on) of 250mOhms at 4.5V gate voltage. Rated for 20V.

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Thanks RC, they both look good.

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