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Funky Diver

So I'm working on a project that needs a screen to be clearly visible from at least 4 meters (12 ft) away.

The output will be 2 digit numerical with supplementary information being available underneath, the supplementary stuff is not vital to be seen from a distance.

So what's the largest OLED screen available wihtout the price being overly silly?

I'll be using it with a Mega, if that helps for pin assignment :)

And yes, I've googled til I'm pink behind the ears, but just not getting any joy.


I would see at 4D systems for this stuff :


Funky Diver

3.2" might work... any others?

5" would be better :)


3.2" might work... any others?

5" would be better :)

Have you thought about this possibility? Magnifying the digits to a much larger size for clarity at large distance?

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Funky Diver

Why OLED? Is this indoors?  Outdoors?  Under what lighting conditions?

Variable light conditions from full sun to night time, plus OLED more for viewing angle.
I'd considered 7 segment display, the reality is though that it's fixed, dependant on how many segments it has.  The other reality is colour scheme.  It doesn't really lend itself to high contrast black on white for day time use, then night friendly colours - which obviously can be achieved with an LCD / OLED, although LCD has the back light on continuously.

And Liudr, yep, that is also the plan, which ever screen I use, I'll be doing that anyways... for whatever key point of information is in the spotlight at that time (I'm thinking ahead - forgive me)

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