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CaptainIffy - Thanks for this post. It is very informative. Have you done any work on the receive side of things? My planned project is the opposite of your work - I want to handle the receive side of things. Specifically, I want to use an Arduino to receive 433MHz transmissions from a remote keyfob that uses a SC2262 chip. The specific keyfob that I am going to use costs under $8US and is commonly sold on eBay and included with cheap Chinese alarm systems, also sold on eBay. I have attached a photo of the target keyfob.


CaptainIffy, thanks! this is very close to what i am working on.

I do not have a "DSO Nano V2" oscilloscope, but i do have a 4333 MHz receiver for the arduino uno, and i was hoping to use that to decode the signal the remote transmits.

I understand it should be possible, but i was trying to determine what rate i should read from the transmitter. I see that you found that using from the 3.3MOhm resistor value.

// SC2262 internal clock is run at 10KHz for "smj" transmitter device (3.3MOhm timing resistor), therefore 100 microSecond wavelength

My SC2262 has a 1MOhm resistor value, i was unsure how you calculated the wavelength from that. Could you please explain that?


In order to start to ply with this project I've tried to upload the code as is, with the TX unit connected, but i'm getting a verify error on the code, I've looked through it but can't understand why it's having an issue with the array on line 121, error:

sketch_nov22a.ino: In function 'void sendOneSC2262Packet()':
sketch_nov22a:121: error: switch quantity not an integer
sketch_nov22a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
sketch_nov22a:270: error: incompatible types in assignment of 'char' to 'char [13]'.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,


aero9 - The frequency/wavelength relationship with the resistor value is in the sc2262 chip specification.


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Nice job. I bought all the same parts a couple of years ago intending to do this but I never got around to implementing it until today.

There's a couple of bugs in the code - a few array indices are missing (that's causing the error Stuart_B reported above), and I replaced the command parser with one that works off a single character. After that it worked fine. It works much better than the actual remote!

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