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I would like to build a simple buzzer circuit which beeps for some 5sec then die off when AC power comes on. I know circuit is kinda simple but i cant seem to figure out  :( here is wat  I came up with...
AC to DC rectification (say 6v)
then a capacitor in series with resistor in series with a peizo buzzer...
like capacitor take time to charge till that time peizo buzzer is on after that once capacitor charges fully to max voltage peizo dies off...
I am i doing this the right way? or is there a better way to do it...
Plz do help out. I want to minimise the component count for this.
I keep feeling its such a simple circuit but I just cant figure out how to....  :'(


With an Arduino one could make one outputpin HIGH for five seconds in setup() when you want a nice "die off"consider digitalWrite(). see http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/AnalogInOutSerial, to get started.
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It not power failure circuit. just the opposite. the buzzer should sound say for 5sec then die off. just to let me know that AC power is back.
With Arduino I can simply do this. but come on for such an easy task I don't think I need to use Arduino.
Any idea if the circuit i explained will work? My house is currently under renovation so I cant actually practically work on this for a week. Thats why I cant implement this currently and see if it works.  :(


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So really want the AC going thru a relay that is Normally closed, and have some of that same AC be rectified into a low level DC (say by having the same AC drive a cheap wallwart as a 5V/12V source) , and have wallwart DC output go thru a current limit resistor to charge up a cap and eventually drive the relay into the open state to turn off the AC to your alarm bell.
System resets on power loss.

Shouldn't be that hard.

alarm bell:
(or just a cheap radio turned up really loud!)
wallwart power supply to drive relay (or as needed for the relay you pick)
resistor & capacitor from your favorite supplier such that 1/2PiRC = 5 seconds (or something like that, maybe need a square root of 2 or something in there too, I'm a digital guy, go google it - big cap, small R)
(is it just me, or is turn-on current/voltage not shown on the data sheet?)

Okay, this one is simple to follow
5V across coils, 120V across the relay itself, good 1A (for that 125W radio, good & loud!)

Don't forget another R in parallel with cap to ground to make sure it bleeds off on a timely manner.
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This circuit will work? Its Buzzer which works at around 4V.
Shouldn't I add something to discharge the cap???

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