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I haven't seen anything pre-made, and building it by hand is a pain because there are 20 wires, a pot for the contrast and a resistor for the backlight.
Even finding single row 20 pin ribbon cables is a challenge.

I just want an easy way of connecting to pin 22 onwards (avoiding the SPI pins) on the Mega. It doesn't have to be a full shield.


After a recommendation on this forum, I've been using the old 40 pin IDE cables (not the 80 way newer faster IDE cables).
At the Mega end I break them out into a 20 pin header and solder the wires to each pin. At least I've only got to do this on one end.
I also wire the upper / lower pins for each row together, that way it doesn't matter if I plug it in at the display using either row.



My solution might be worth looking at if you used UNO or 2009. You can connect everything to your breadboard and pass the connection to arduino.


I managed to run hard drive cable up to 18' long without signal problem so hard drive cable will definitely solve your problem.


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