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Real nice, I see you have the new 4.3" screen, it seems to have a wider aspect ratio which looks good.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Latest release 29 from the repository allows using the buttons without the de-bouncing behaviour,  i.e. pressing then releasing the button.
Jan 25, 2012 release 29 - button with instant option (no de-bouncing)

The instant_main example illustrates both behaviours:
Now, to use a button with no-debouncing, just write
Code: [Select]
if (button.check(true)) {

The true parameter goes rid of the de-bounced behaviour.

For the normal de-bounced behaviour, use one of the following
Code: [Select]

Enjoy :)


This new release brings a new graphic Histogram.

Histogram features peak memory, horizontal and vertical grid, and many more options!


New release Feb 01, 2012 includes specific formatting function ttoa to display time. Parameters is in ms and the string returned selects the right unit --ms, s, mn or h-- automatically.

Each .h / .cpp file has now its own numbering for easier management. Release control is performed as a pre-processor instruction:
Code: [Select]
// test release
#error required PROXYSERIAL_RELEASE 106

So as at today, latest releases are:
  • Serial_LCD Jan 28, 2012 release 119 - colours constants e.g. redColour
  • proxySerial Feb 01, 2012 release 106 - ttoa used
  • Graphics Feb 01, 2012 release 106 -- ttoa time to string added
  • button / GUI Jan 28, 2012 release 108 - new index

As always, documentations, examples, downloads and tutorials are available here.



Please find a first release of an Arduino library for the amazing 4D LABS ?LCD-32PT(SGC) 3.2" Serial LCD Display Module.

To draw a triangle, instead of sending that ASCII string
  • G 0, 200, 0, 160, 0, 160, 0, 80, 100, 60, 0xff, 0xff

use plain
  • myLCD.triangle(200, 160, 160, 80, 100, 60, 0xffff)


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