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Thank you for the tip about the stream type of the new NewSoftSerial.

However, because NewSoftSerial relies heavily on AVR intricacies and interrupts, it is not compatible with chipKIT.

I'll give a try to the beta 11.

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Thanks to the 4D Labs support, the new release 6 implements sound playing.

Actually, the 4D Labs ?LCD-32PT(SGC) 3.2" Serial LCD Display Module requires up to 250 mA, more than the Arduino built-in regulator could provide, when it plays sound.

Read the full report with video and sound!


A clear extension for buttons is a dialog window.

Release 7 features a modal dialog window with
  • 1 icon
  • 1 title
  • up 3 lines of text
  • up to 3 buttons
  • screen is saved before the dialog opens and restored after

I provide the library with an example and a video. Enjoy ;)


Graphic intensive use of the LCD display with the fast 80 MHz chipKIT board overloads the screen micro-controller.

Especially, sent and received messages overlap and the ACK / NACK protocol is lost :(.

Hence a solution to protect the serial connection from overload and obtain an nicely synchronised conversation.

The library reaches release 8 with overload protection :).


I received a lot of mails and messages about the Serial_LCD library.

Among them, some deal with basics, as connection, hence this post.

Here's the general layout: an Arduino Uno and the µLCD-32PT(SGC) screen.

Follow to step-by-step guidance so it just works!

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