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I think there's a typo on your download page, one button has "doscet" as the label.

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But what does doscet mean :), have a good look at the buttons.

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Thanks to an extensive feed-back from Docedison, I posted a revised set of examples.

Get them from the GitHub repository.

Thank you Docedison :)


Although pricey compared to a 3.2" TFT01 3.2WD and the UTFT lib's it is a really nice work horse 1 16 bit, or an 8 bit W/Flow control or2 8 bit ports or a 16 bit individual port all are bi-directional, 2 TTL RS232 serial Ports and a speaker. The device can communicate at up to 2.56 Mbaud comm rates on a dedicated TTL RS232 port and change that data rate on the fly so as to not get in the way of touch screen data and it's interactions the 32PT SGC device can do a lot... With a change in it's firmware it can be programmed to operate as a standalone terminal GFX mode and the program and stored data is easily accommodated by it's high capacity uSD card port 4GB + ... All for $69.00  from 4D Systems.AU... (79.00 @ Robot Shop and $84.00 @ Sparkfun) I bought one and the Backplane connector ($20 -30.00) for easy access to the additional I/O. Although a resistive touch screen the device I have is very responsive with the protective plastic still in place. In short it is a lot of display and while you can easily (now as the prices have fallen) buy 2 3.2 " displays for the same money you'll not find one that can do what it does 'naturally'. Maybe a Pro-Mini and a TFT01 and... but Not all in one with the SD card capacity this one has... The graphics are fast, clean and really good looking.
As much as this might sound an advert for 4D Systems... It isn't, The 32PT SGC IS a LOT of DISPLAY.

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