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May 09, 2011, 03:22 am Last Edit: May 10, 2011, 04:06 am by zhafir Reason: 1
hi, I'm new to the arduino. im doing a project using arduino to interface with a 3 digit LED display, keypad, speakers and a gps module. im not sure if the arduino can do be used to control all of them together, should i use a different microcontroller and how should i program all of them together?


The three digit display could take as few as 10 pins or as many as 21, depending on design.  How many keys on the keypad?  How many speakers?  I expect an Arduino Mega would have no problem and a regular Arduino might be sufficient with clever design.  If you prefer a different microcontroller then you should probably use it.
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May 09, 2011, 04:06 am Last Edit: May 09, 2011, 04:31 am by CrossRoads Reason: 1
You have 20 IO on an Uno.
Whether that is sufficient depends on how things are connected.
3-digit display - multiplexed, need 7 segments and 3 digit selects. Or 3 SPI pins to an external control chip like MAX7221.
(or 2-3 pins to some shift registers)
Keypad - how many buttons? Can do 1-input analog, or more traditional 6-pins for 3x3 keypad matrix.
Speakers - 1 output pin per speaker.  
GPS module - typically uses RS232 interface, so at least an RX line, maybe TX if you need to send it setup info.
So 10+6+2+2 = 20.
Mega could be overkill. Sanguino with built in 2 serial ports (one for GPS, one to PC) might be just right.
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ok to be more specific, im designing a project whereby im using arduino to interface with a 3-digit LED display consisting of 105 individual LED lights, the drivers and decoders are already included with the LEDS, im using a keypad with 0-9 and * and #. I want to program the keypad to control the display on the LED, meaning the number i press on the keypad will appear on the LED display. Also, im using a Parallax GPS module to know of my location but i want to use the arduino to output the information as audio in speech not on my laptop or on a lcd screen, thats why im using speakers as well, i know i may need a speakerjet for the voice. i hope someone can help me with this. i want to make it work as one device not as separate projects.


If the drivers and decoders are included with the 105 LEDs, what is the interface to the drivers and decoders?  If the interface to the LED array takes fewer than 10 pins or uses a serial interface the Arduino can handle the the rest should not be a problem.
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ok ok thank you i understand, will post soon for more feedback

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