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I have made VASS - Vehicle Arduino Servo-Solar - using the following components:

   - Arduino board
   - A WII nunchuck
   - 4 Servos
   - 1 Solar Kit PowerMonkey (what's it?)

- With WII nunchuck it's possible:
 1) move VASS using analogic wii controller up, down, left, right
 2) rotate the solar panel using [button c] + left/right
 3) activate windlass using [button z] + up/down
 4) beep buzzer using [button z]+ [button c]

- VASS is equipped with a true 5v solar panel that recharges his battery.

Sketch code: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B2nb2dvN5QA5ZmMyZDRhNDMtYzYzNi00NTY3LTkyYjktYTdjYWE4YjZiZGMy&export=download&hl=en


How to connect WII nunchuk with Arduino and Servos - Update 17 May 2011
The WII nunchuk has 4 pins used to connect it to console. How it's showed on following schema, the green pin is used for data, the orange for clock, the red and the black for power and ground. You have to connect these pins with 3.3v, ground, and A4 and A5 analogic pins on Arduino board. The servos are connected using 5v, ground and digital 2 and 3 pins. Obviously you can use which pins you want, you have only to mind that nunchuk needs of an analogic pin to output data and for servos are needed 2 digital pins.


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I updated this topic with: "How to connect WII nunchuk with Arduino and Servos".

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