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Hi Guys

after some days using an Arduino UNO and Windows Vista, the board stopped to upload the instructions.
First of all, I thought that I burned the FTDI circuit, because I had no answer of the TX/RX led when I tried to upload the program, however the LED 13 keep blinking...
Then I changed the USB cable... noting worked.
I fixed the problem deleting the Com Port on Windows device manager and creating it again.
It worked.

Good luck to all that have the same problem.
Paulo Ranzani


You did not burn the FTDI chip.  The Uno doesn't have one.  (It uses a ATmega 8u2 instead of the FTDI.)

One possibility is that your last sketch uses a lot of Serial.print()s.  Try this procedure:

1.  Disconnect your Uno from all power. 
2.  Press and Hold the RESET button. 
3.  Connect USB
4.  In Arduion IDE, load Blink Example
5.  Click the Upload button in Arduino IDE
6.  Wait until "Sketch Size:  xxxx of xxx" message, wait 1 second and release RESET button.
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