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Yes Chess, and add a robot arm to move pieces around 8) 
There's a bit of a challenge for you!
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I went to Maker Faire this past weekend.  Besides having an incredible time - I met Mitch the-TV-B-Gone guy and listened to talks by Massimo and Chris Anderson - I picked up a thumb joystick at the Maker Shop there.  It's apparently from Sparkfun (COM-09426) and includes the breakout board.  I'm in the process of figuring out how to add it to my LED matrix TicTacToe.  The joystick has potentiometers for the X & Y directions, and like you suggested I could use the pushbutton for the Z-direction.  But it looks like I'll still need another pushbutton or something to finish the move.

I've added the first part of the build process (Creating the 4x4x4 LED matrix) to my blog at http://www.whatmatters2me.com/?p=269.  Check it out.


I've put up a new webpost of the source code for the 3D TicTacToe game. It's the complete Arduino code that controls the LED matrix as well as the gaming AI to play the game. Also makes use of the MsTimer2 library for interrupts allowing the LED 'game cube' to be displayed even while the Arduino is thinking. At the moment it still uses a keypad to input moves, but I'm working on thumbstick control. Let me know what you think!


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