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Hi everyone..I need help.I am writing program in the arduino enviounment,compiling it,,it says no error with a done compiling message,but when i open serial monitor,i dont see anything on the display,there is no message on the serial monitor.What should i do ? Please please do me a favour by helping me out urgently.I will be very thankful to you if you could help me.Waiting for the reply at the earliest.


Does your code USE serial?

You didn't mention uploading the code to the Arduino either

To use the serial monitor, include


In your setup function, then in your loop (or setup) include Serial.print or Serial.println and whatever you want it to send to the Serial monitor


First, go back in time and work on your project sooner.  Did that work?  If not, try next.

Second, you have posted no code.  You didn't give a description of your hardware.  What Operating System are you using?  Version of Arduino Software?  etc.  I could probably like 5 or 6 more questions.  You gave no other description except the following:

"Hi, I have a project.  It doesn't work!  It is due 'tomorrow'... help!!!"

Give as much information as you can, and be patient.
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Hi.I am so sorry for a late reply.I was sick and on bed.I have one more month to go for project submission but i want to finish it soon..here are the details..

i have an arduino pro board.its working fine on windows 7.i connected a sensor to it.and it is giving output on the serial monitor.its working fine now.now i want to connect the arduino board to the robotino,it's a prototype robot.Now my doubt is how do i connect the borad to the robotino analog input.The 6 pin header on the arduino board through which we connect to the computer,am i supposed to use the same ? is that rs232 or usb output ? how do i give the output from arduino pro board to the analog input of arduino ? it will be very kind of you if you can guide me..thank you so much once again.


You want the Arduino Pro to talk to the Robotino board through the serial port? Depending on how far away they are going to be, you can just hook the RX and TX pins from the Arduino board to the TX and RX pins of the Robotino board

Not sure what six pin header you're talking about, unless you're referring to the ICSP pins (which are used to program the Atmega)


yes i was talking about the 6 pin header "ICSP pins" used to program atmega...am i supposed to use that to connect to the robotino ? there is RX and TX in that 6 pin header too...did u mean that? or did you mean the RX and TX on the board ?


The 6-pin header you are referring to is not an ICSP header although I can see why you would call it that.

To use that you have to unplug the cable you use for programming and plug another cable in that connects to the Robot.

Alternatively use software serial to communicate using some of the other pins.

Does your robot have serial? Is it 5v or true RS-232? What bit rates can it talk?

Once you work all that out you have to design a serial protocol that allows the robot to send the analogue data to the...aw heck there's so many Arduinos/robots/robotinos/arduino pros floating around I don't know what's supposed to talk to what.

Please spell things out clearly and use the same term for the same thing, if the Arduino pro is on the robot don't say "robot" in one paragraph, "robotino" in another and "arduino pro's analogue input" in another.

Better still make a drawing.

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the hardware is like this...there is an image sensor fixed on an arduino pro board,,,its atmega is programmed...now i want to connect arduino pro board to robotino...arduino pro board will be on robotino wherever it moves....now the analog output of arduino pro board should go to the analog input pin of the robotino..robotino needs 12V supply..now how should i connect arduino pro board to robotino analog ip pin electrically,,THE ARDUINO BOARD WILL BE ON ROBOTINO...

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