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I am new to electronics...Over the past few weeks I've been doing some reading and I have been learning at a steady pace...
I want to start a project using an arduino to control a rf remote...

I have a set of these remote control sockets:

I opened the remote control to find a HS1527 chip is used to control a 433MHz transmitter module.
The datasheet for the chip: http://sc-tech.cn/en/HS1527.pdf

I would like to know if its possible to connect a wire to the TXD of the chip to the arduino, press a button on the remote and have the arduino read the signal sent to the transmitter module.
[Or, connect the arduino with an RF receiver and have it "pick up" the rf remotes signal (or any other way that is easier)]

Then connect a 433MHz transmitter module to the arduino and have it replicate the same signal as the remote (without the remote being connected to the arduino)?

I also have a Logitech Harmony 525 all in one remote control:

Eventually, my goal is to be able to use the All in one (AIO) remote control to control the rf sockets via an arduino. The AIO remote control uses IR.
Simply put, convert a certain IR signal to a certain RF signal.

[AOIremote]-[IR] =================== {IR]--[Arduino]--[RF} =================== [RF]-[RFsocket]

In my head this seems feasible but I'm not sure how difficult of a project this is....Any advice?


Hook up ground and TXD signals as if they were from a IR receiver and use the IR library to see if it can make sense of the signal.  If it can you should be able to use the IR library to play those signals back.  If you can get the right RF transmitter settings you can then control the sockets from the Arduino.
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