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Not sure if you're still looking, but http://www.mcmaster.com is probably the best-known online industrial supply store. They have plenty of solenoid valves (and every other kind of fluid system components).


Any solenoid or valve designed for water will certainly not be suitable for use with fuels... use them at your peril.

there are suppliers who sell suitable valves, but i am not sure of any off hand. i did have a couple of valves that are suitable for use with fuels and run on 12vdc which i was going to use for nitrous oxide injection, but i decided against using NOS on my engine so i passed them on to a friend. they were simply on-off valves which allowed the flow of fuel / nos when given a 12v feed, they were also a litle small for the job you have in mind, but there were other sizes available. have a look at :http://www.solenoidvalvesuk.com

any solenoid can be made to work with the arduino you just need to provide the correct transitor/mosfet/relay to handle the power requirements of the solenoid.


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Solenoid valves are comprised of two primary parts, the solenoid part and the valve part. The solenoid part is pretty easy to select and interface with an arduino. It's just a matter of what the coil voltage (value?, AC?, DC?) and current requirements are, that will determine what interface components will be needed between the arduino and the solenoid coil.

The valve part on the other hand can be very tricky for proper selection. Values have fundamental specifications such as:

1. Flow capacity (Cv) at a given inlet pressure. The valve has to be sized for your application requirements.
2. 'Wetted' components compatibility with the process media. Fuel safe, potable water safe, etc.
3. Minimum inlet pressure for valve to properly work (many won't work well with just gravity feed inlet pressure).
4. Maximum inlet pressure rating.
5. Etc.



We use a nice little unit from McMaster that requires almost no pressure to open, a couple of inches of water does it.  Would help to know your flow and pressure requirements.  We use gravity only.

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