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Yet another project on the go shortly.

A mate of mine has gotten hold of a late 90's V6 car engine and is wanting to utilise it for a backup generator of his house and workshop.
Yes Diesel is normally used for generators, however this engine was free from his brothers car yard as the car had a failed transmission, so the opportunity was taken.

What I am wanting to find out is, has anyone done or seen an Arduino closed loop program, for controlling throttle position based on current RPM?

For a generator, the RPM needs to be constant so the frequency output remains the same. In our case, 50Hz. So as load comes on, the RPM's will start to drop, so the throttle needs to be opened to therefore raise the RPM, etc etc. When load drops off, the RPM will increase, so the throttle needs to back off.

Basically I just want to see if anyone has already skinned the cat, and if there is something I can look at to see how it had been done, or if I need to start from scratch.
Either is fine, however it would be great to learn from others and build on that.

Reading in RPM etc I have no problem with, its just the method of how the control is done. Well its a PID of sorts I suppose.



"Of sorts" is probably true - the throttle response will be significantly non-linear and have significant delay - and if its automatic choke that will add a difference to the response till its all warmed up.
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I wonder if a PID can be utilised anyway....


What kind of generator head are you planning to use? Should be able to generate a fair amount of power!

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