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I'm using a Diavolino and lolShield. The lolShield uses all the digital pins, but the analog pins are still free.

I'd like to control my lolShield with an old TV remote.

1. Can I do this with an Infrared receiver attached to one of the analog pins?

2. Maplin sell the following http://www.maplin.co.uk/infrared-transmitter-and-receiver-10379
Is this suitable for this project? And if so, I can't tell from the info on the page, if I need a resistor or what size of resistor I need if I connect it to the power supply pin.

Thank you for your time reading this and I greatly appreciate any suggestions.



From the questions page of the link:
Q) Can you use this product as a digital input on a PIC chip?
A) Yes the product does support that.

You can use an arduino analog pin just the same as an analog, it's just digital pins 14-20. It looks like you hook one side up to 5V and the other up to your pin.

HOWEVER: This is not what you want to read signals from a TV remote. The signals from that are actually a square wave at about 38khz, which is probably too fast to deal with. Here's a tutorial on how to read IR remote controls: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/ir.html

Sparkfun electronics also sells one: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10266


Just to clarify when it was said:-
You can use an arduino analog pin just the same as an analog, i

What is meant is:-
You can use an arduino analog pin just the same as a digital pin.


Thanks for the replies and the link. That's really helpful. I'll experiment with the analog pin and see what happens.


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