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Hi Everyone,

    I am using an Arduino Uno Board as the microcontroller behind my autonomous project. I am using 4 XL-MaxSonar Pin Out Ultrasonic Range Finders (MB-1200). I am setting Pin1 - low. I want to know how to read the reflected data/pulse.


^ Datasheet for MB-1200


Just out of interest, how do you balance torque with three rotors?
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You probably meant: http://www.maxbotix.com/uploads/MB1200-MB1300_Datasheet.pdf

"Pin 2 -MB1200 (PW) This pin outputs a pulse width representation of range. To calculate distance, use the scale factor of 58uS per cm."

You probably want to connect Pin 2 to some Arduino data pin and use pulseIn(dataPin, HIGH) to get the length of the pulse in microseconds.  Then divide by 58 to get cm.

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