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I've finally taken the time to port MicroBridge to the Arduino/Wiring language. You can use it to make Arduino and Android talk to each other over USB. This is like Google's open accessory toolkit, only it uses a different protocol (ADB), and therefore works on any Android device version 1.5 and up. The phone or tablet does not have to be rooted, and you don't need to upgrade to 2.3.4.

Read more about it here:


Google code project page:



I'd really like to try this library out.
I've got a USB host shield, an arduino Uno and a small archos 32 tablet running android 2.2.1
Unfortunately, I've never used eclipse and can't figure out how to import the 'servocontrol' files into eclipse and generate an apk file to test my hardware setup.

Can anyone provide either an apk for me to test or a Flash version of the eclipse programme?

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