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Hello to all of the sparkfun customers and electronic enthusiast!

My name is Kody, and I, like you, love electronics. I love them as a hobbyist, but not as a professional. Right now I am looking into creating a custom PCB board with a pretty basic set of requirements :) But alas, my skills are not as good as I want them to be and I unfortunatly do not have the time to develop them to create this board!

What does this mean, means I pay for it ;) And you, you get your design made, and implemented for a price! Works a little on the ego now doesnt it ;)

What I am looking for is a FULL package, PCB, Components, and software; I am looking for this to work the moment I receive it. Scared? Dont be, MOST of the requirements are quiet simple! Well, what are we waiting for...ONTO THE DESCRIPTION!

Summary: I am wanting a custom built electronic control unit that responds to a remote key fob, and a button. If the key fob is in range(no more than 15 feet, no less than 5), then the button is activated (so to say) In short: I am wanting to create a "Smart Key" system for a vehicle with a button to start it; Similar to the toyota/lexus's.

Theory of operation:
If module senses Keyfob -- Allows Following:
Press Button once -- Activates #1 Relay
Press Button Twice -- Activates #2 Relay
Press and hold button approx. 1 second -- Activates MOMENTARY #3 Relay, and permanently activates #2 Relay. (If you hold it for approx 1 second, #3 should activate and remain activated until you release the button, thus inactivating the relay)

Key Fob -- Must be small, concise; (Possibly with buttons to reprogram the vehicle too? Just a thought, not a requirement)
Key Fob -- Battery operated is optional, if you can figure a way to get passive RFID to reach that far....awesome!
Module -- Small form factor, No larger than a pack of cigarettes ideally. It should be able to be concealed behind the dash
Module -- 90 degree plugs for inputs (button connect and disconnect) / Antenna if needed
Power input -- 12v from battery main;
Power Consumption -- As little as possible due to battery drain;

And now for the BIG question: Payment and Terms :)

I am willing to pay up to 250$ for a working module. Consisting of all the requirements, all the eagle files / supporting files. All of the arduino/c/c++ code, and of course a working prototype.

I will NOT require any of the supporting code / designs unless I have chosen to purchase your prototype. Prototypes, preferably will be made on manufactured PCB's, but for the sake of the home enthusiast, home made PCB's are acceptable for the prototype.

I will require that a working prototype be sent in, and allowed for testing in environment. ( I will measure everything from amperage draw, RF range, RF degeneration through metal, overall stability, overall usability, etc etc)

I am very open to design changes for the better, as I recommend you be as well (modifying a setup before purchase)

My email: Kodysumter@gmail.com

Looking forward to working with you!


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I might be interested - need to look at RFID in keyfob use - I didn't think RFID went out to 5 feet.

"FULL package, PCB, Components, and software;" for $250 is too low tho unless 0 hours development time is needed for most of the items.
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