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Hi everyone,

I have 6 infrared sensors connected to the analog pins of my Arduino board. The purpose of the sensors is to detect the movement of the strings of a guitar. When the strings are idle, they are aligned with the sensors. When the strings are strummed, the movement should be detected by the sensors. The problem is that the readings from the analog input are not stable. I have connected LED's to each sensor, and these light up when I strum the strings, so that means the movement is detected but not read by Arduino. Is there a way to stabilize the readings from the sensors?

Thanks in advance.


Anytime you are working with physical sensors you have to expect some amount of noise, so the fact that the sensor is not "stable" is not a surprise. The question is just how unstable is it? What kind of numbers are you seeing?

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Your maximum per-sensor sample rate is going to be around 1500 or 1600 Hz.
Is this adequate for purpose?
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